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live vinyasa

Live Vinyasa has arisen from a dogma of creating real and present music on classical instruments through simple compositions and improvisation.

The trio is known in the Aarhusian yoga environment for delivering atmospheric and present concerts, as well as live accompaniment for yoga events.
Live Vinyasa plays both original compositions mixed with improvisations over seasonal melodies from folk music, hymns and the high school songbook repertoire.

Live Vinyasa contributes to creating a common presence in the room, and finds value in the contact from person to person.

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Første single er ude

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Live Vinyasa's debut EP will consist of 5 ambient tracks in a balanced mix between soundscape, classical, jazz and folk music. 

The EP will be released on all streaming services in late 2021.

Reflection concert

Live Vinyasa  mixes minimalist compositions with improvisations and spices it up with an organic sound universe inspired by the sounds of nature

- a universe you can sink into or be enveloped by.

Live music for yoga

Live Vinyasa plays music in its most real and vulnerable form

-music that moves and motivates the listener to be present and encourages gentle movements. 

Live Vinyasa holds regular events.

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