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Smeltevand is a meeting place between video projections in nature themes, controlled via the movement of hands over an infrared camera, and soundscapes from flute, vocals, loops and percussion effects.

Multi-artist Eva Esmann Behrens and musician Johanne Buus Andersen improvise a visual concert based on a shared passion for abstract narrative, contradictions and poetic aesthetics.

Smeltevand creates sensory experiences where the audience has the opportunity to experience the familiar in a new and unexpected way.

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Partner -  Eva Esmann Behrens

Eva works at the crossroads between movement and projections. With a background in dance, she has since 2017 explored the possibilities for interactivity between body, music and projections.


She has created live installations, performances and installations in churches and urban spaces and in 2021 has mainly produced outdoor projections on buildings. 



The video installation premiered in April 2021, and was produced for "Kuben" at Bytorvet in Horsens with support from Horsens Municipality and Mærk Byen Horsens.

It has since been shown at the Aarhus Lydkunstfestival in August 2021.


Videoinstallationen havde premiere i april 2021, og var produceret til “Kuben” på Bytorvet i Horsens med støtte fra Horsens Kommune og Mærk Byen Horsens.

Den har siden været vist på Aarhus Lydkunstfestival i august 2021.


The concert is a living space of immersion, where sound and light merge into one expression.

Percussive sounds break the organic lines of flute and vocals while the projections manipulate the form and structure of the nature we know so well.

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