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"Through music and dance, frustration is expressed as a liberation process that makes you think and feel differently"

Thea Egestrand,  Wink

Mellem Rum 

Mellem Rum is an interdisciplinary ensemble that works in the intersection between sound and movement. 

The ensemble consists of flutist Johanne Buus Andersen (DK), dancer Antonia Stäcker (DE) and cellist Emily Wittbrot (DE).

With roots in classical music and dance, Mellem Rum explores new forms of expression, where both butoh, jazz and folklore can be traced in the ensemble's productions. 

The ensemble was formed in 2018 with the aim of experimenting with genres, methods and form - this work has since   led to the work "In Between Spaces" in 2019 and most recently the "Land To See" tour as in 2021 will visit Denmark, Norway and Germany.

Read more at Mellem Rums

Land To See

Rural tour. 

A lighthouse, a factory and a silo form the setting when the ensemble Mellem Rum visits rural areas in Denmark, Germany and Norway with the Land To See tour in autumn 2021.

Hugo Sten Trio+ (4 of 36).jpg
In Between Spaces

The work "In Between Spaces" is built up through improvisation and inspired by the Japanese dance art form Butoh.

The shape of the work is based on a basic idea of four rooms, where the word "room" is to be understood as an abstract "space" without walls or doors.

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